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Loving your body this February

19 Feb 2016

February is the month of love, and at Simplicity Laser, we want to help all of our clients love their bodies. Our mission is simple: to transform people on the outside so they feel great inside. Our main focus is helping build confidence.

We live in a time where the media bombards us with images of the “perfect body” and  what beauty is supposed to look like.

No matter what you look like, we want you to always feel confident and beautiful. Over the years, we’ve heard countless stories of body hair holding people back from loving their bodies.

Like many other ladies can understand, I personally felt very held back by my body hair before laser hair removal. I remember being made fun of as a child for my dark facial hair. Since then, I’ve spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars trying every solution to get rid of the hair that stopped me from feeling beautiful. Laser hair removal was more for me than not having to wax and pluck anymore. The convenience was nice, but more than anything, laser hair removal empowered me. It helped me feel beautiful and love my body.

I’ll be the first to admit, not everyone needs laser hair removal to feel confident (check out this awesome story about a fellow Middle Easterner who went to social media about her body hair love). Body hair is a personal decision, and personally I’m really grateful for laser hair removal empowering me.

I want to hear about how laser hair removal has helped you love your body! Share your experience in the comments.