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10 things you need to know before starting laser hair removal

07 Mar 2016

It actually works

The number one question we get is “Does it actually work?” Most Simplicity customers achieve 70-90% reduction by the time they reach their clinical end point. Check out our testimonials and this customer spotlight!

Research the type of laser used

Make sure you are getting treated by a real laser, not an IPL, to ensure better results. We use ND:YAG and Alexandrite lasers from Candela because they are the most effective lasers on the market and allow us to treat any skin color and type. Check out this blog post for more details.

Hair color matters

Laser hair removal is most effective on brown and black hair. However, our lasers can treat all skin types.

It doesn’t have to break the bank

Traditionally, laser hair removal is famous for costing thousands of dollars. At Simplicity Laser, you can get eight treatments for only $79. Talk about affordable!

It’s a commitment

Be suspicious of anyone who advertises instant, permanent results. Laser hair removal typically take 18 months (with 4-8 week intervals) to reach a clinical end point. You need multiple treatments in order to target all hair follicles, not just active follicles. Click here for more information about hair growth cycles.

There are things you can do to help with the pain

Laser hair removal feels kind of like being snapped with a rubber band. However, we use a Zimmer cooling machine that blows continuous cold, numbing air on your skin during your laser treatment to make sure you are comfortable. We also sell topical anesthetic to help numb the skin before treatments.

The sun is not your friend during your laser treatments

Before and after laser hair removal treatments you need to stay out of the sun for 7-14 days. Also, you need to avoid sunless tanning and spray tan products. Pick up a Zinc Oxide sunscreen to help protect your skin in between treatments.

Using certain products can help maximize results

The healthier your skin is, the better laser hair removal works. We recommend using Restorative Gel in between and after treatments to calm and restore the skin, ensuring you receive optimum results.

Appointments usually last between 5-20 minutes

Technology developments in the laser hair removal field have led to fast, easy treatments. Since there is no down time after treatments, you can even get treated during your lunch break.

It is totally worth it

The average person spends over 100 days shaving over a lifetime. Waxing costs about the same as laser hair removal, but you have to do it forever instead of only 18 months, which adds up. Check out this  blog post that breaks down the math of laser hair removal vs. other methods of hair removal. Don’t believe us? Believe Buzzfeed.