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The 10 Stages of Shaving Your Legs

22 Apr 2015

The tedious process that will have you asking, "Why do I do this to myself everyday?"

1. "I am young, I am hot and tonight is going to be MY night"

2. Trying to decide which shaving cream to use, even though nobody will ever sniff your legs

3. Attempting shower yoga to get the back of your knees

4. Accidentally cutting your ankle and helplessly watching the blood flow

5. "Time to moisturize!"

6. Looking down and realizing you missed a spot

7. Trying to get your cuts to stop bleeding because there is no way to make a band-aid sexy

8. Walking outside in the cold and immediately feeling your hair grow an inch

9. At the club and thinking, "I shaved for this?"

10. Promising yourself that you will never shave again...but then breaking down and shaving the next day because, let's face it, smooth legs are an addiction