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My Experience with Laser Hair Removal (Episode 1)

17 Apr 2015

Our awesome Simplicity intern, Spencer, volunteered to share his perspective on his first laser hair removal experience. Lots of Simplicity clients have the same questions and anxieties before they try laser hair removal themselves!

Let me just start off this post by clarifying that I am a man. A manly man. Please keep that in mind as you read this.The number one reason that I don’t shave every day is because of my neck. My neck gets super sensitive the second that I even think about shaving it, not to mention the lovely ingrown hairs that I get as a byproduct. It’s just the worst. So when I was told that I should try out a laser hair removal treatment, I knew which one I wanted.

I went over to our receptionist and asked her to set me up with the soonest available appointment for the front of the neck (treatment time for the front of the neck is literally 5 minutes, so it wasn’t hard to get an appointment). Being the remarkably helpful person that she is, she informed me that the front of the neck is one of the most painful places to get treated. Delightful.

Taking that into consideration, I scheduled my appointment for right after I got off work on a Friday so if I did end up crying or something else embarrassing, I could just leave and hope everyone forgot over the weekend.

Friday came faster than it ever has before. At the end of my shift I walked over to reception to greet my executioner. She lead me into the treatment room (aka my coffin), handed me protective goggles for my eyes (who needs eyes when you’re dead?!), and reminded me one last time that this was going to be very painful (as if I had forgotten).

During the treatment cold air blows onto your neck which helps to further numb the area (considerate, but I was still wetting myself). Then the laser started.

I was so shocked by how little pain I was experiencing that I almost laughed. It wasn’t comfortable, but it definitely was nowhere near “cry like a baby” pain levels. I’ve heard it compared to the feeling to being snapped with a rubber band, but I would say it felt more like being poked with very tiny needles. It was unpleasant, but definitely not ‘this is how I die’ status.

After the treatment my neck felt really warm, so when I got to my car I checked the mirror to see how it was. It looked like I had gotten a sunburn that was exclusive to my neck (pretty embarrassing).

It took about twenty minutes to drive home, and I arrived fully expecting redneck jokes as soon as I walked in the door; but somehow the redness had completely dissipated by the time I got home. It was still slightly sensitive to touch, but I was able to go out to dinner with my family that night and none of them could even tell.

Now 2 weeks later, my neck feels better than ever. I have already seen a definite reduction in hair growth and shaving is considerably less painful.

This treatment has really opened up my mind to getting other areas on my body lasered, especially now that I know that I have already passed through one of the most painful treatments they have to offer. Stay tuned for more adventures in Laser Hair Removal.