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Laser Hair Removal for Men

05 Dec 2014

For many years the idea of permanent hair removal—no longer needing to shave, pluck, or wax your hair—has appealed to women all over the U.S. In recent years, though, many men have also decided that the effort, irritation, and frustration of hair removal is something they would like to be rid of. Like women, men are seeking the services of laser hair removal. Here's why:


1. Convenience

There are a lot of different ways that men remove the extra hair on their face, neck, back, shoulders, abs, and other areas of the body. Whether you are the kind of guy who shaves regularly or you have tried waxing, you know that it’s a process that can be painful and time-consuming.

In fact, an average man who starts shaving around age 15 will spend around six months of his life in front of a mirror with the razor! By contrast, laser hair removal usually takes 30 minutes or less per session, and you could reach your clinical end point by the end of 18 months. 


2. Manscaping

Women are not the only ones who are interested in maintaining their physical appearance and staying well-groomed. In the last few years, laser hair removal has increased in popularity by 85% among men.  Excess body hair on the back, shoulders, and chest can be caused by increased levels of testosterone, genes, age and ethnicity.

Permanently removing hair can increase confidence in men due to the fact that their skin is smooth and never needs to be shaved. Simplicity customer Mike Davis said, "The largest impact for me is that I no longer get ingrown hairs, and I no longer have to shave. This has allowed my skin to be very smooth. What can I say, chicks dig it."  Read more about Mike's experience with laser hair removal here


3. Athletic Activities

Men have found laser hair removal beneficial for more than just aesthetic reasons. Many male athletes permanently remove hair because it increases speed and decreases discomfort that can come from rubbing and chaffing. A recent study by a group of engineers showed being hairless can increase your bicycling speed up to a quarter of a mile per hour faster. Runners and swimmers often remove hair for speed and comfort reasons as well. 


4. Money Saving

When you add up all the money you spend on traditional hair removal—including the cost of razors, shaving cream, wax strips, and other tools—the cost is staggering. A Razorpedia survey estimates that shaving with a disposable razor or a cartridge will cost more than $7,000-$8,000 over the years. By contrast, you can find laser hair removal facilities like Simplicity Laser that offer two-year unlimited full body memberships that cost less than $2,500. 


Know the Facts

Most men who get laser hair removal can reach their clinical end point in 18 months. Try a starter package today on one of the most common body areas men choose to get hair removal: