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Laser Cooling Technology 101

17 Dec 2014

If you've been treated at a Simplicity Laser clinic recently you’ve seen two pieces of equipment in your treatment room. You might have wondered if they were two different lasers. Or maybe you didn’t notice the equipment, but you did appreciate the continuous stream of -30 degree air cooling your skin during your treatment.

The reason you enjoy frigid air numbing your skin during your laser treatment is because of the Zimmer, an awesome instrument Simplicity clients love for the comfort during treatment.

Before you start laser hair removal, research what kind of cooling technology is available at your laser center; even the most upscale laser providers often skimp on the best cooling equipment.

Let’s walk you through the cooling technology in a Simplicity treatment room:


Candela Laser with a Cryogen Canister

Cryogen may sound futuristic and complicated, but it’s really simple. Cryogen is a liquid gas used to cool the skin. When a canister of cryogen is loaded in the laser, it shoots a puff of cool gas onto your skin milliseconds before each pulse of the laser.

This method of cooling is better than ice packs, which cool the skin before treatment, because cryogen cools the skin during the procedure as the laser energy is applied.

Zimmer Cryo 5 or 6

The Zimmer is a skin cooling system designed for aesthetic laser procedures. It is a separate unit from the laser and has a hose that connects to the hand piece of the laser. Laser technicians can turn up or down the airflow depending on your needs.

The difference between this method of chilling the skin and ice packs or cryogen is the continuous cooling before, during and after treatment. This greatly minimizes discomfort and a 2005 study found continuous cooling to reduce side effects and increase patient satisfaction with laser treatments.

Simplicity believes client comfort is key and has made the investment to provide each laser with a matching Zimmer unit. If you won’t settle for a sub-par laser to remove your hair, don’t settle for an ineffective cooling method either!