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Customer Q&A: Mike Davis

14 Nov 2014

Mike Davis of Scottsdale, Arizona is one of our most valued customers. He has been coming to Simplicity for almost two years now, starting out with face and neck treatments and finally deciding to upgrade to a full body membership. We were excited to talk to him about why he chose Simplicity Laser and why he keeps coming back for more!
Mike and his Simplicity technician, Cass

Why did you choose Simplicity Laser for laser hair removal?

I used to get ingrown hairs on my face when I shave - and these can be very painful.  I remember hearing about laser years ago but understood that it can be more challenging if you have darker pigmented skin as I do.  I am that researcher type, so once I got the idea to give laser a try I did as much research as I could.  That led me to the Simplicity website where they advertised that they knew how to care for my skin type, supported by testimonials.  I believe I called to talk to someone armed with my ‘just enough to be dangerous’ research facts asking about what lasers they used, etc.  The answers they gave plus the testimonials on the website were the items that made me take the plunge.

Which areas have you had treated?

I started with the face to solve the ingrown hair issue.  That was so successful and I was treated so well I decided to go full body.  I am generally shy, so that was a leap for me but I have always been made to feel very comfortable and it is really working! My only regret is not doing this sooner.

How has having laser hair removal changed your life?

You might ask how hasn’t it?  The largest impact for me are that I no longer get ingrown hairs and I no longer have to shave.  This has allowed my skin to become very smooth and has protected it from the damage of shaving and ingrown hairs.  What can I say, chicks dig it.

What is you favorite thing about Simplicity Laser?

The people.  The more I learn the more I realize that any business, no matter what you sell or manufacture, comes down to people.  How you treat people is such a large part of any successful business and becomes and integral part of your brand identity.  If you ask me about Simplicity, I’ll tell you it is as much about good service as it is skilled workmanship and that’s why I feel blessed to have chosen the right place the first time.  I am not sure if this will wind up on the cutting room floor but I must say that Cass Lounsbury is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met.  When I am on my way to my appointments I think I am coming in for a laser procedure, but by the time I leave I realize I was coming in to see my friend.


We are so happy to have optimistic customers like Mike! He makes our job easy. 

*Mike was not compensated in any way for his responses.