Laser Hair Removal


Unlike other laser hair removal providers, Simplicity offers straightforward and affordable pricing options. We offer introductory packages so you can try the Simplicity experience before committing to a membership that will give you the complete hair removal results you deserve.

In a departure from the rest of the laser hair removal industry, our membership program doesn’t have a massive upfront fee, hidden fees, finance charges or credit checks. Instead, memberships break down the total cost of treatment into affordable monthly payments over the course of your membership.

No other laser provider offers transparent pricing and the absolute best value in laser hair removal. See our introductory packages to get started today.


Simplicity can treat any area of the body on both men and women. See the chart below for specific treatment areas. Click on a listed area to learn more about specific treatment packages, treatment times, and how often you will be treated by body area.

Laser hair removal treatment areas

At Simplicity, clients receive hair reduction through our clinical excellence and investment in the latest FDA approved laser technology. The specific lasers we use to offer the best results are the ND:YAG and Alexandrite laser technologies. By using the most advanced technology available, Simplicity provides faster, more comfortable, and more effective treatments. Read some frequently asked questions about how laser hair removal technology works.

All Simplicity locations have a licensed medical director, and our certified laser technicians receive on-going instruction to ensure the best treatment results and comfort. If you have concerns at any time about your progress or results, we offer client reviews with Simplicity clinic managers to answer your questions.


Efficient appointments take 30 minutes or less depending on the areas being treated. No down time is required after treatment, so you can get back to your day immediately. Learn more about what to expect before and after your first treatment.

Simplicity is able to remove unwanted hair with relatively little discomfort by using a combination of cooling technology and skilled laser technicians. Clients can also use Topical Anesthetic, which blocks pain during treatment, and Restorative Gel, which soothes and restores skin after treatment.