women’s laser hair removal

Women's Underarms Laser Hair Removal

$ 99
Our 4-Treatment Underarms Starter Package is the perfect introductory offer for you to experience the benefits of armpit laser hair removal. At only $24.75 per treatment, this starter package is the perfect way to try laser. Do you have a coupon code? Enter it at checkout for additional savings! 

Most clients see about a 20% reduction in just 4 treatments! Simplify your routine and embrace smooth, hair-free Underarms today. After your purchase, call 800-559-9138, and let's start your journey to beautiful, hassle-free Underarms!

Why choose underarm laser hair removal over other methods?

Is unwanted hair, ingrown hair, dark hair, or razor burn causing you daily frustration? Choosing underarm laser hair removal over other hair removal methods, like shaving, plucking, waxing, or depilatory creams ensures longer-lasting results without the hassle of frequent maintenance and has minimal side effects. Unlike shaving, waxing, plucking, or depilatory creams, laser hair removal offers a more permanent solution with minimal discomfort and side effects. Laser hair removal is the best solution for hair removal because it is suitable for all skin types, offering effective results even on darker skin tones.

How Armpit Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment or melanin in the hair follicles with a beam of light, effectively disabling the treated area’s ability to grow unwanted hair, without damaging the surrounding skin. Not only does underarm laser hair removal slow down hair growth and minimize razor burn, but it also helps prevent ingrown hairs, leaving your underarms smooth and irritation-free. At Simplicity Laser, our trained professionals ensure a safe and efficient laser hair removal session, eliminating the need for frequent shaving or waxing by targeting body hair during its growth cycle. Furthermore, the sensation during our armpit laser hair removal treatments is often likened to merely that of a gentle rubber band snap. What sets us apart is our innovative Zimmer system, which blows cool air to further enhance comfort during each laser hair removal session. This technology ensures that your experience with us is as pleasant as possible, minimizing discomfort and maximizing satisfaction. At Simplicity Laser, we prioritize your well-being and convenience, making us the optimal choice for your hair removal procedures.

Why Simplicity Laser for Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Simplicity Laser is the best choice for your armpit laser hair removal needs because we prioritize transparency, exceptional client experience, and customization. Our transparent pricing and free consultations ensure you know exactly what to expect without any surprises. We will walk you through how to prepare for your treatments, best practices for aftercare, and recommend products to ensure you have the best experience from start to finish. Additionally, our treatments are tailored to your specific needs and goals, ensuring a personalized and effective experience. With Simplicity Laser, we make the process easy and hassle-free, so you can enjoy smooth, hair-free underarms without any complications.


Please note, that we have a limit of one package, per person, per area. If you've previously treated your Underarm area with us, you are not eligible for this Starter Package. Don't worry, you still have options! Our 16-Treatment Simple Promise Program is a great solution. Give us a call, and we'll happily discuss what option is best for you and your needs.

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