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No Hair Zone - Laser Hair Removal for Athletes

13 Sep 2016

Fall sports season has arrived! As athletes begin training, they are busier than ever. From practices to games, sports are time consuming. For sports such as swimming, dancing, cycling, gymnastics, and bodybuilding, being hair-free is a necessity. But where's the time to shave? 

We've all had it happen; life gets crazy and we have so much to do that we forget to shave. We show up to practice, not realizing our error until it's too late. Sports uniforms can be revealing, leaving your mistake hard to hide. It's embarrassing, uncomfortable, and the last thing you want to worry about it. 

Body hair removal in sports is more than just for the visual impact. Not having body hair can make you more aerodynamic and help athletes achieve a faster personal time. Several studies have proved this, especially in cycling and swimming.

Laser hair removal is the perfect solution for athletes who want to spend more time training and less time shaving. After just 18 months of treatments, most clients are hair free and never have to worry about shaving before practice again. It will shave off valuable time so athletes can spend time doing what they are passionate about.