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How to prevent laser hair removal incidents

01 Nov 2016

As far as medical procedures go, laser hair removal is extremely safe. Less than one tenth of one percent of laser hair removal treatments result in an incident. However, because laser hair removal is a medical procedure, sometimes incidents happen. 

There is so much each customer can do to ensure both safe, incident-free treatments as well as amazing results. Here are a few tips.

1. Follow the Pre-Treatment Instructions

Pre-treatment instructions aren't just suggestions; they are requirements put in place to help your treatments be as safe as possible. Do not come into your treatment with recent sun exposure, unshaven areas, or if you've recently been on antibiotics. A full list of the pre-treatment instructions can be found here. These instructions are also emailed to you before each appointment. 

2. Follow the Post-Treatment Instructions

Imagine if after a major surgery, your doctor told you it was crucial to avoid heavy physical activity for a week. You would be careful to skip the gym that week, right? It is exactly the same with laser hair removal. Avoid extended UV exposure, working out immediately before and/or after treatment, and chemical treatments. A full list of post-treatment instructions can be found here

3. Be Honest with your Laser Technician

We get it, you are busy and sometimes rescheduling your appointment can be difficult on your schedule. You may be tempted to not tell your laser technician about an antibiotic you are taking or recent sun exposure you've had. When you aren't honest with your laser technician, you are putting yourself at risk for an incident. It is not worth the risk. Be honest with your laser technician and they will be happy to reschedule your appointment at your earliest convenience.