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At-home laser hair removal: does it work?

25 Aug 2016

At-home laser hair removal: does it work?

You've probably seen the commercials offering permanent hair removal at home. We get a lot of questions on how at-home devices work and how they compare to laser hair removal in a clinic, so here is a breakdown!

at home laser hair removal comparison

All at-home laser hair removal devices are different. Some use pulses of light (think like a weak version of an IPL) to encourage the hair to fall out. However, these can be easy to accidentally burn yourself with. Others use radio frequency waves to "shock" the hair follicle. This is an attempt to crystalize the follicle, making hair growth difficult. 

Some devices want you to have your hair grown out for your at-home treatments, similar to waxing. This means you'll need to grow your hair out in between treatments, plus there is often an unpleasant burnt hair smell. 

Another little known fact about these devices is that they are incredibly time consuming. It takes longer than shaving and most people have to treat themselves multiple times a week. For people to see the results they are hoping for, it can take up to five years just to thin out the hair.  

The last thing to consider is that many of these devices are not FDA approved. When considering at-home last hair removal, be careful to read the reviews for the device (many people are unsatisfied with their lack of results). Also, make sure you do a price comparison. These devices range from $300-$600. 

For peace of mind, go to a trusted laser hair removal clinic that uses a proper laser for the best results, professional treatments, and an overall better experience.