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5 Famous Men Who Really Needed Laser Hair Removal

19 Nov 2015

From world leaders, philosophers, and famous athletes, to Joe Schmo down the street, hair has plagued the best of the best.  For all we know Sasquatch is just some dude that forgot how to use a razor. If they only had laser hair removal…

Let’s start from the beginning…

Leonardo Da Vinci

This Renaissance man may have been an artist, mathematician, inventor, etc. but he was one hairy fellow. Between painting The Last Supper and inventing the parachute, there was no time for shaving. I bet Mona Lisa would agree with me on this...he needed laser.

Martin Van Buren

Good ole Martin was our 8th president, and probably our hairiest. He was known for being a primary facilitator of the Jacksonian Democratic Party, and for having sideburns for days!

Mark Twain

This american novelist had some gnarly chest hair. Just imagine Mr. Twain on the banks of the Mississippi River, writing The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, with his chest hair blowing in the wind. One word...laser.

Albert Einstein

Einstein has always been recognized by his unruly hair, but imagine how it would have looked if he had cleaned up with a little bit of laser. E=mc...haired.

Burt Reynolds

Who could forget Smokey and the Bandit? Want to know what else we can’t forget...Burt Reynolds chest hair. This 1970’s dream boat really could have used some laser.