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How to convince your man to try laser hair removal

11 Nov 2015

Trying to get a man to try laser hair removal can be tricky. There’s always initial hesitation to the process, but once they get into it, they love it just as much as anyone else. Here are our tips to help you convince the man in your life to try laser hair removal.

man shaving

Word it as a “clean up” rather than “removal”

Men feel the most hesitation toward laser hair removal on the face because they don’t want to part with their scruff forever. His scruff might look great now, but as he gets older, his beard will slowly climb upward, leaving stray hairs near his eyes and nose. By doing facial hair removal now above and below the beard, his scruff will always look fantastic. Laser hair removal on the back of the neck will also leave their haircut looking fresh longer. Make sure he starts before he goes gray, when the laser can no longer treat the hair.

Spell out the benefits

Try talking to your man about the convenience and all of the time he’ll save when he isn’t shaving. It can be inconvenient and often painful (i.e., ingrown hairs, razor burn) having to constantly trim and shave different areas of the body. Using laser hair removal to clean up and trim different areas is often the most beneficial aspect of it for men.

Use these handy persuasion techniques

Giving them the option to choose on their own is the best persuasion tactic. You can present the benefits of laser hair removal all day long, but ultimately he is the one to decide. Starting small is an excellent way to get started; small areas such as the back of the neck help him ease into it and see how great it can be. From there on out, he’ll be easily convinced by the results he’s getting.