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5 reasons why October is the best month to start laser hair removal

09 Oct 2015

You won’t have much hair left by bikini season

Each laser hair removal treatment decreases hair growth by about 10%. By the time you break out your cute new swimsuit and short-shorts, you will already be seeing great results. Most people see about 50% hair growth reduction by the time summer rolls around.


You don’t have to worry as much about the sun

The time for long days of tanning and painful sunburns is over. When you’ve recently had sun exposure, you need to wait two weeks to get treated by the lasers. We still recommend wearing sunscreen, but now that winter is coming, you don’t need to juggle your tanning schedule with your laser hair removal appointments.

Hide the hair growth in between treatments with your winter clothes

One of the best parts about fall is the fashion, from sweaters to scarves to adorable ankle booties. While hair is growing back in between treatments, it can sometimes grow back patchy because hair grows in cycles. So bundle up in your cute, less revealing winter clothes while hiding your hair.

Fall is the perfect time for change

Transitional times in life like season changes can be hard. Follow the example of the changing leaves and enter a new phase of your life. It is a great time to leave traditional hair removal methods behind and turn to something new.

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