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4 Secrets to Successful Laser Hair Removal

23 Aug 2019

4 Secrets to Successful Laser Hair Removal

You already know that shaving, waxing, and plucking requires a lot of time and money for you to have the smooth skin you want. If you are considering laser hair removal, or are currently being treated, it's smart to know what to do in order to achieve the best hair reduction. We have a few tips for you so you can see the best results in your laser hair removal experience. 


    Significant results can be seen after a few laser treatments, but it will require several treatments to complete the process. The treatment program lasts for 18 months. This is because our body hair goes through three growth stages: the anagen, catagen, and telogen hair cycles.  Each interval duration is unique to the specific area being treated. Lasers are effective in destroying the hair follicle only in the anagen phase, or when your hair is actively growing. In order to treat every hair and guarantee effective hair removal, you’ll need to have multiple treatments done.  Depending on the area, you will have treatment from four to eight weeks apart. The time between appointments will give the hair enough time to transition to the active growth phase for hair removal lasers to target them effectively.


      Depending on the area, appointments range from 5 to 25 minutes. Make sure to attend every appointment! We know life is busy and it's easy to forget about your appointments because you have already seen significant hair reduction. But it is extremely important to show up to all your treatments if you want to see the best hair removal results. 


        You probably already know this, but it’s always a good reminder. You need to shave the area you are treating 24 hours prior to your appointment. This allows the laser to effectively target and destroy the hair follicle.


          Sunblock is your best friend!  By using the correct sunblock, it minimizes the risk of interrupting your treatment program.  Being outside in the sun doesn't make a recipe for success when it comes to laser hair removal. Be sure to use a mineral sunblock that contains zinc oxide; it gives you stronger coverage and protects your skin longer from the sun’s damaging rays. If you are sunburned or tanning within 14 days of your treatment, your technician will be unable to treat you due to safety. The additional energy from the laser can put you at risk for an adverse reaction.  Wearing sunblock daily can prevent many of the adverse reactions that can come from sun exposure combined with laser hair removal. Check out our Elta MD sunblocks in our clinics or online for great protection.


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