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Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

05 Feb 2015

There are many benefits to laser hair removal, two of which are saving time and money. If you're trying to decide if laser hair removal is worth it, check out the difference between time and money spent on laser, razor and wax:

If the numbers* don’t have you convinced, here are are a few of other things we don’t miss about having unwanted, unruly hair:


You just can't win when you shave; the hair grows back, you have to buy more razors, and often you ingrown hairs. The average male shaves at least 20,000 times and grows over 27 feet of facial hair throughout his entire life. Females spend an average of 72 days shaving during their lifetime.

Razor burn

No hair = no razor = no burn. It’s pretty simple!


Waxing can be incredibly painful and waxing too often can cause tiny tears in the skin! Who wants to deal with that much pain every three weeks for their entire life?


Wasted Time

People spend an average of 70 hours getting rid of unwanted hair each year. During that time you could knit 2.5 sweaters, take 3 road trips and complete 82 crossword puzzles.

Prickly Hair

No ones likes to rub up against skin that hasn't been shaved within the last hour or waxed recently. Hair grows back so quickly, it is impossible to keep up with the stubble and feel silky long-term.



Chances are, if you're thinking about laser hair removal you have a specific reason why it's worth it for you. Call Simplicity Laser today to get started and get the results you're looking for! 

*Laser cost and time is based off Simplicity's Full Body, 2 year membership. It is not be accurate for other laser providers.