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My laser results (one year in)

25 Mar 2016

In March of 2015, I got my first laser hair removal treatment ever from Simplicity Laser. I got my underarms and Brazilian area treated. Now that it has officially been a year since I started treatments, I thought I’d recap my experience and results so far.


Since I started, I’ve had nine underarm treatments and eight Brazilian treatments. Before starting, both my underarm and Brazilian hair was black and coarse. The first thing I noticed after my first few treatments is that the hair was slower to grow back. I went from shaving my underarms every other day to once a week after three treatments.

At this point, the hair isn’t 100% gone, but I have noticed a lot of changes. The hair that grows back is very thin now, so it is harder to notice. The hair also takes weeks to grow back in. There are also spots that I don’t grow any hair at all anymore. The remaining hair that grows comes in small patches. After each treatment, I notice that the patches of hair become smaller and smaller. For the Brazilian area specifically, all hair on the sides (outside of where a swimsuit would cover) has completely disappeared.


The treatments I’ve received have all been very fast and convenient. An underarms appointment takes less than five minutes, and a Brazilian appointment takes 5-10 minutes. By now, the pain from the treatments has increased significantly. However, it is not nearly as bad as a wax, and the pain doesn’t last long. Around the fifth or sixth treatment I started using the numbing cream, which significantly helps take the edge off.

Overall, I am pleased with the results so far. When I first started, it seemed weird that laser hair removal takes so many treatments, but now I understand why. Although my results are significantly better than when I started, I believe I will need to go through the whole 18 months worth of treatments to get full results. I understand that everyone's results are different, but I love mine!

I am already seeing how convenient it is! I went from going through one disposable razor every two weeks to one razor every two months. It's going to be perfect for swimsuit season!

If you're interested in getting started for yourself, feel free to check out any of our starter packages and see how great it can be for you!