men’s laser hair removal


$ 29
Experience the liberating feeling of smooth, hair-free Hands through our exclusive 16-Treatment Hands Simple Promise Program. Achieve a clinical endpoint with a remarkable reduction ranging from 70% to 90%! Streamline your daily routine and unlock the advantages of laser hair removal today!

Once you've secured your Simple Promise Program, contact us at 800-559-9138, and we'll lead you toward the journey of attaining smooth, hair-free Hands!


- 16 Treatments paid over 24 months

- Up to an additional year of treatments at no cost to you based on the terms and conditions in our treatment plan agreement.

- Welcome Kit

- 10% off product

- 75% off touch-up treatments (once the Simple Promise Program is completed)

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what to expect from laser hair removal

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The average woman spends 1,728 hours shaving her legs in a lifetime

Save money on razors
Enjoy silky smooth skin
Do more of what you love
No more razor burn