EltaMD UV AOX Mist Broad-Spectrum SPF 40

$ 45

EltaMD UV Mist is a sheer-finish, 100% mineral sunscreen spray that is enriched with antioxidants to prevent premature aging and rejuvenate skin. UV AOX mist uses aerolsal bag-on-valve technology - an air-powered system that seperates the sunscreen product from air so it's nonflammable and dispensed without chemical propellants. With bag-on-valve technology, applying sunscreen is easier than ever - the bottle even sprays upside down for hard-to-reach places.

  • 14.5% transparent zinc oxide provides broad-spectrum protection.
  • Broad spectrum SPF 40
  • Water-resistant (40 minutes)
  • Gentle formula for daily use on body & face.
  • Nonflammable & free of chemical propellants
  • UVA/UVB sun protection
  • Air-powered, all-angle spray.

Ingredient Insights:

Zinc oxide: Natural mineral compound that works as a sunscreen agent by reflecting and scattering UVA and UVB rays

Vitamin C & Vitamin E - powerful antioxidants that fight signs of aging and visibly reduce discoloration.

Coconut Fruit Extract & Aloe Leaf Juice – hydrates skin and moisturizes the skin barrier.

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