“I was the hairiest person in the world before Simplicity and I've had better results than I ever expected. I've had no irritation and my skin is so smooth. I haven't even hit my year mark as a client at Simplicity and the results are already worth it by far. The staff is especially impressive. They provide genuinely friendly service that is inclusive to everyone.” 

Kelly Marrujo – Denver, CO

“I was doing laser hair removal treatments with another company for over 10 years and I didn't really see results. After one year being treated at Simplicity, I have loved my results. I have very dark, thick hair, so the results have been tremendous. The results are long lasting and it is worth it." 

Elona Oganisyan – Lone Tree, CO

"I would definitely recommend laser hair removal at Simplicity. It has been great for me and I've seen drastic results. The staff is really good at answering my questions. They are super accommodating and make the experience comfortable instead of awkward."

Rebecca Lord – Lindon, UT

"I have saved a lot of money not having to purchase products for shaving any longer, and the time savings have been great. Everyone at the office is amazing. I feel welcome the second I walk in the door. I feel that I am a member of the Simplicity family, not just a number."

Jonathan Hildenbrand – Tucson, AZ

"Simplicity is very professional and they use the latest technology and equipment. The staff is exceptionally trained and their fun personalities have made the whole experience. Everything has been exceptional, from the staff to the treatments to the results."

Andrea Finkelstein – Phoenix, AZ

 "I have long legs, so it takes forever to shave and there are annoying things like razor burn. It's been great not having to deal with that anymore. My technician was thorough and patient. I would pay whatever for the great results I've been getting."

Angelica Orozco – Phoenix, AZ

 “Being a busy mom of three, I can’t tell you how much time Simplicity has saved me! No more shaving and no more gross hair in random places. The staff is very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend Simplicity to anyone!” 

Brenda – Denver, CO

“I have worked in a professional capacity in the spa industry for over ten years and have had the opportunity to be involved with spas throughout the country. When I finally made the decision to “treat” myself to laser hair removal, I definitely did my research. I was convinced that the combination of price, professionalism, and getting my services at a medical facility, made Simplicity the right choice for me. Now, more than two years later, I am glad I chose Simplicity.”

Michelle – Phoenix, AZ

“I had wanted laser hair removal for a long time, but of course could not afford it. When I heard about the Simplicity membership, I thought, “finally, a reasonable price for laser hair removal”. When I went in, I was relieved to find that the price they advertise is actually the price I ended up paying. So far, my results have been great and my experience has been wonderful.”
Mark – Henderson, NV

“I was skeptical, because I had heard that it doesn’t always work well for people. When I went to Simplicity I was very refreshed with the honest approach that they took. They did a full consultation where they helped me to understand all of the options I had. They were so professional. I have recommended Simplicity to all of my friends.” 

Gwen – Mesa, AZ

“I had always wanted hair removal but was nervous about the pain. I had heard a lot of good things about Simplicity, so I decided to go in for a consultation. The lasers that they use didn’t hurt at all. I was so relieved. I have been thrilled with my treatments and my results. Thanks Simplicity!”

Jessica – Summerlin, NV

“As a man receiving laser hair removal treatments, my biggest concern was that I found a place that would be friendly and not intimidating, but also very good at what they do. I can say for sure that Simplicity is the right place to go. Their membership program is unbelievable. All of the people that work there can answer all my questions and they are all very friendly. I have already referred several of my co-workers and plan to refer anybody who asks me. Simplicity has made this an incredible experience for me.”

Brad – Scottsdale, AZ

“Simplicity Laser (Scottsdale) is simply awesome! Excellent results! Definitely because Michelle takes her time, every time; and state-of-the-art lasers. Facility is very well managed, organized, friendly, clean, no waiting, and just awesome results!!!!”

Chris G. (Ultra long distance hiker, Mountaineer) – Scottsdale, AZ