How does it work? The Simplicity Laser Simple Promise Treatment Program is exactly that, a program where you can reach a clinical endpoint. As a member, all your treatments are covered at one low monthly price. Payments can be withdrawn monthly from a bank account, or you are welcome to pre-pay your membership. On either plan, there is no interest, no credit checks, and absolutely no gimmicks. We’ve removed all the barriers between you and smooth skin. What are the benefits of the membership program?

  • The lowest prices you’ll find anywhere for laser hair removal
  • Low monthly payments—no credit checks, no interest
  • No huge upfront package payments that limit the number of treatments you receive
  • Customizable plans that allow you to do as much or as little as you want

Treatment Programs start as low as $29 per month! Give us a call for all our current offers at 800.559.9138.