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Laser 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal

25 Mar 2024

Laser 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Embarking on the journey of laser hair removal at Simplicity Laser involves comprehending the process to ensure a positive experience for our clients. Here's an in-depth exploration of key aspects related to laser hair removal:

How Laser Hair Removal Works

At Simplicity Laser, our advanced lasers emit pulses of energy that are absorbed by the pigmentation and blood vessels of the hair follicle. This absorbed energy transforms into heat, ultimately destroying the follicle. The unique properties of each laser wavelength ensure that the surrounding tissue remains untouched, leaving the skin smooth.

Suitable Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

Simplicity Laser uses the industry’s gold standard of lasers - Candela’s GentleMax Pro, featuring the ND:YAG and Alexandrite wavelengths, making it suitable for almost everyone. While we can treat all ethnicities and hair types, laser hair removal is not effective on red, blonde, white, or gray hair due to the specific pigmentation targeting.

Treatment Duration and Sessions

Discover the perfect laser hair removal option for you with our four distinctive treatment options: Our most popular option is our Simple Promise Treatment Program. It allows clients to receive up to 16 treatments, ensuring extensive coverage, addressing individual hair growth cycles, and aiming for a clinical endpoint with a 70-90% reduction. Spread across 24 months, the payment plan makes this comprehensive option affordable, accompanied by exclusive benefits under our Simple Promise program:
  • Up to an additional year of treatments on us after the completion of your treatment program, if needed and qualified.* (*Clients are eligible for up to an additional year of treatments. Clients must complete a minimum of 13 treatments, a client review is conducted and other restrictions as outlined in the Treatment Program Agreement.) 
  • 10% off Product throughout your Treatment Program
  • Welcome Kit
  • 75% off Single Treatments for Future Touch-Ups
Our 4-Treatment Starter Packages are an easy and affordable way to experience the benefits of laser hair removal without commitment. Our Starter Packages are designed to help you take the first steps towards achieving your desired results. This option is one package, per client, per area. 
The Single Treatment Option is ideal for touch-ups or first-time experiences and can be purchased multiple times. 
The 6-Treatment Series provides flexibility for noticeable reduction and can be purchased multiple times.

The number of sessions required for optimal results varies among individuals and body parts. Since not all hair actively grows simultaneously, multiple treatments are necessary to address all active follicles. We emphasize that achieving a clinical endpoint result is unique to each person, and we cannot guarantee a specific number of treatments to reach that. However, if you want to reach your clinical endpoint, we recommend our Simple Promise Treatment Programs.


Session Duration and Comfort

Laser hair removal sessions at Simplicity Laser are efficient, with most areas completed in 30 minutes or less. Clients experience minimal discomfort, often likened to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Our investment in top-tier technology includes a Zimmer to make your appointments more tolerable. The Zimmer device incorporates a cooling mechanism that blows chilled air onto the treated area simultaneously with the laser pulses. This cooling effect serves to minimize discomfort, soothe the skin, and reduce sensations of heat generated by the laser. By maintaining a comfortable temperature on the skin's surface, the Zimmer significantly improves the overall experience, making the laser hair removal session more tolerable and ensuring clients feel at ease throughout the procedure.

Results and Safety

Using FDA-approved lasers ensures safe and effective treatments with an expected 70% to 90% reduction after the recommended amount of sessions. Safety is paramount, as our lasers are FDA-approved for all skin types, and our technicians undergo rigorous training and continuous evaluation.


Minors' Access to Treatment

Minors aged 16 or older may receive treatment with parental consent, for minors aged between 12-15, a parent or guardian must be present in the treatment room for the entire duration of the treatment. If minors are under 16, a consultation will be required before proceeding with the treatment.

Potential Side Effects and Areas of Treatment

Side effects are rare when performed by our trained technicians. Temporary reactions like a histamine reaction, redness, or tenderness can occur, but they are easily treatable and usually go away within a couple of days. We can treat various body areas for both men and women. Our most popular areas for laser hair removal are the legs, brazilian, underarms, chest and abdomen, back, and face.

Pregnancy and Medications

For individuals considering laser hair removal, it's essential to note certain health considerations. Pregnant individuals must wait until after pregnancy to undergo laser treatments. Those on photosensitive medications like Accutane must also wait, as these medications can heighten skin sensitivity to light and increase the risk of adverse reactions. Prioritizing safety and adhering to recommended waiting periods before proceeding with laser hair removal in these specific situations is crucial. Consulting with our Care Team and technicians and understanding individual health circumstances ensures a safe and effective laser treatment experience.

Your laser hair removal journey at Simplicity Laser is not just about achieving smooth, hair-free skin—it's about embracing confidence and convenience. With our diverse range of treatments catering to individual needs, cutting-edge technologies like the Zimmer cooling system for added comfort, and a commitment to safety and efficacy, we invite you to embark on a transformative experience. Whether opting for a single treatment or diving into our comprehensive program, our different treatment options ensure affordability and a great client experience. Let Simplicity Laser be your partner in the journey to radiant and hair-free skin, where every session is a step toward self-assurance and lasting beauty. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to a newfound sense of freedom and confidence. Your radiant future awaits!