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The Secret to Choosing the Right Moisturizer

22 Jun 2015

Trying to pick a moisturizer while standing in front of the countless options at local drug stores, Sephora or makeup counters in the mall can be really overwhelming. We mentioned the importance of moisturizing your skin in our recent blog post, but how do you pick a moisturizer? 

Follow these easy tips to help you pick the perfect moisturizer for your skin.

Check the ingredients

Not all skin is the same, so not all moisturizer is the same. By knowing a few ingredients to keep an eye out for depending on your skin type, you can easily navigate the lists of chemicals that you can’t even pronounce, let alone define. Check out this quiz if you need help determining your skin type. 

  • Acne-prone skin: Look for salicylic acid, sodium sulfacetamide or benzoyl peroxide for reduced swelling and redness as well as a way to kill bacteria
  • Oily skin: Look for the term ‘non-comedogenic’ on the bottle and ingredients like salicylic acid and sulfur to absorb oil
  • Dry skin: Look for glycerin, ceramides and lactic acid to retain your skin's natural oils
  • Sensitive skin: Look for fragrance free moisturizer and products with ten ingredients or less
  • Combination skin: Unfortunately, the best solution is using a moisturizer focused on dry skin for your cheeks and a different one focused on oily skin for your T-zone

Test products before using them

Your skin will react differently to each moisturizer you use. Before slathering your new lotion or cream over your body and face, test it by rubbing a small amount on your forearm. Wait to see if your skin reacts to it.

Shop around

Don’t be afraid to test out a lot of moisturizers to find one that you feel works best with your skin. With all of the available options, it won’t be hard to find your perfect product.

Look for extra perks

Many moisturizers have SPF in them, so you don’t have to worry about applying sunscreen later. Moisturizers with sunscreen help prevent sun damage and wrinkles. Another thing to look for are moisturizers with soy, niacinamide and vitamin B to help prevent dark spots.