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What to expect from laser hair removal: Treatments 8-12

22 Jan 2015

This is the final post in a three-part series about what to expect during laser hair removal treatment. Please see previous posts for treatments 1 - 3 and 4 - 7.

You are on the home stretch! It's in this time frame when customers should be seeing noticeable results. 

  • Significant Hair Reduction
  • Texture and regrowth will be minimal: A small amount of hair growth is expected during the final stages of laser hair removal. It takes some time for all of the hair follicles to catch up to each other and be treated properly. Keep up with the consistent treatments and you should be hair free in no time.
  • Redness or mild swelling after each treatment: The laser is at a much higher setting now than it was when you first began treatment, so it is not uncommon for the skin to get a little bit irritated. It should not last for more than a few hours after laser treatment.

Remember that any medication or lifestyle changes including physical activity, sun exposure, ect. may affect results. Make sure you report these changes to your laser technician. This is when you will see the most noticeable result in the area being treated.

Enjoy the fact that you never have to worry about waxing, shaving and tweezing unwanted hair ever again!