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Top 10 hair removal dad jokes

10 Jun 2016

Dad's love their jokes. They may be the only ones who love them, but they tell them anyway. So we've compiled a list of the punniest hair-related dad jokes.

It's going to be a long day.

  1. Dad: What do you call a hairless mammal? Kid: I dunno Dad: Mom.
  2. Dad: How does the moon cut his hair? Kid: How? Dad: Eclipse it.
  3. Kid: I'm having a bad hair day. Dad: Oh no! Is it being naughty? (This one took me a minute.)
  4. Kid: I'm getting a haircut today! Dad: Just the one? (Obvious, but necessary.)
  5. Dad: Every time you wax, it shaves a year off your life. 
  6. Dad: I didn't love my mustache at first, but then it grew on me.
  7. Kid: Dad, I got the comb stuck in my hair. Dad: Sounds like a hairy situation.
  8. Dad: Why do bees have sticky hair? Kid: Why? Dad: Because they use honeycombs! 
  9. Dad: I got you a new hair dryer. I tested it out at the store and it blew me away.
  10. Dad: Sometimes I play with scissors. Wife: Why? Dad: For the shear fun of it.

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